Iraq News

The photo above shows one side of the story when the verdict came down : Saddam Gets Death. There are numerous individuals that are estatic about the verdict and there is a large group of individuals that are upset, hurt and disappointed in the verdict.

The following paragraph from a yahoo news story can give the insight from the party differentials:

The tribunal’s creators had hoped that the forum would play a central role in closing the door on 30 years of ruthless oppression under Hussein. Indeed, Shiites and Kurds, who bore the brunt of tens of thousands of deaths at the hands of the regime, were jubilant. But that joy was tempered among Sunnis disenfranchised by Hussein’s overthrow, and angry over what many saw as a political trial overly dependent on American experts and resources. The result, experts say, is a positive step for Iraqi justice, but one that reveals a deep and continuing weakness in the rule of law.


~ by jeffgreathouse on November 6, 2006.

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