It is time to Vote

It is Tuesday, november 7th which means it is time to vote. I went out to our voting poll place ( Concord Community Church ) and voted. For me and that polling area, it looked pretty simple. There were no lines, all electronic voting boots were working and it seemed EXTREMELY SIMPLE to navigate.

So, I get on the comp to do some research for our 2008 international mission trip and the headlines on the Yahoo page is about the voting fiascos in our state ( Indiana ). How all over, there are problems with the machines, people can not figure out how to vote and so on ……

You would think that we would be able to figure this out and get the job done. I am sure that no matter what happens, there will be people complaing and belly-aching that their vote did not count ( whether it be true or not ). I need to walk down the hall and see how the voting is going in our church building ( coffee is down there ).

Then tonight, it will be watching news networks to see who the votes went for. Will it be the elephants or the donkeys.

BTW, for diversity sake, I was very happy to see there were a few liberterians on our ballots.


~ by jeffgreathouse on November 7, 2006.

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