Core Values: Christ UMC

Well, it has been a long journey. We have been meeting at Christ UMC to come up with core values for the church. These values will be the values that we will put high priority on and this is where our money, time and resources will flow through them.

After listening to the members of the group and with us throwing out ideas and suggestions, I saw a pattern forming and decided to throw out an idea. The idea stuck like a bug in a bug zapper … so we move forward.

The idea was to use our church name as an acronymn for our core values. I am not a huge fan of acronymns, but they sure do make things a lot easier to remember. Thus, here are the core values that we will be living by:

Reaching Out
Inspiring Worship

We now move to describing them more in-depth and developing our church structure to match these values.


~ by jeffgreathouse on November 28, 2006.

4 Responses to “Core Values: Christ UMC”

  1. Here’s how I can help……

    Connecting… a team…which can be done by coming as a group to Canada and doing some awesome team building

    Hospitality…..experience it firsthand as you stay in other UMC churches on your way to Canada, and as you stay with us and our friends on your visit here

    Reaching Out…..all the way to British Columbia

    Inspiring Worship….how about having Brian Doerksen lead your group for one Sunday? Come to Canada and that can be a reality.

    Service… up with the Youth For Christ guys here in our town and serve homeless teens and those from tough home situations.

    Transformation…..your group will be transformed by their trip to Canda, their outdoor adventures with my beloved as their guide, their service with the YFC guys (two were our groomsmen…so you sort of know them), and the teambuilding that occurred during their 4-5 thousand mile round trip.

    So. What do you say? I think it’s a grand idea. So does your wife. I’m just starting the lobbying process now, a couple years early since I know you already have next year planned.


  2. You crack me up. I know that you have .. she’s been talking.

    2008 is suppose to be our international mission trip year .. but BC is not currently on the list.

    You will have to “penetrate” some of our students.

  3. While I know there are extremely worthy causes with many needs in places like Haiti, Puerto Rico, South America, and Africa, BC could actually be a place to do ministry. All kidding aside. The natives here have many needs on the reservations. My husband is already seeking a way to connect with them, though the challenge of being white makes real connection tough. Their teens especially need connection and hope, and that’s part of what he hopes to provide with WAO. I don’t know how a youth group from Indiana could connect and make a difference, but it might just be possible. After all, God is a pretty big God. So, who knows? Maybe my idea isn’t so far fetched after all.

  4. It may not be. I would really have to look at the $$. God is big enough to over-come that as well .. but the travel cost there / time to get there may be some issues.

    I will not rule it out.

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