2006: Year In Review

It is Sunday night, December 31st at 10:33 pm ( currently ). The year is almost over, so I am going to do a post on some of the 2006 happenings.

The ‘highlight’ is the transition that occurred within my ministry career. I resigned from Discovery UMC in April to take a position at Christ UMC. This meant that we would be making a move from Alabama to Indiana.

So, on June 18th, we packed up the moving van and moved to Indiana. The move was not as smooth as we were hoping for. Now, it was not due to the church transition – even though that was difficult. I absolutely loved Discovery and the students there. But, the church in Indiana was very open and willing to accept us and we ( students and leaders ) have had a great 6 months.

The rough transition was the car wreck. On move day, an individual fell asleep at the wheel, crossed over the median and hit my wife and three kids. Talking about a rough transitions and a tough way to start a move. I parked the moving van at the scene of the accident – went to the hospital via the ambulance to be with the family. The church came down – picked up the moving van – took it to the new home and unpacked it for us.

My wife is doing great, my boys are thriving in 2nd grade and my little one ( my baby girl )is doing great in preschool and is the social butterfly at the church.

Nothing much has happened, a new job, a new home, a new town and a horrendous wreck that is still not settled with the insurance companies. Hopefully, 2007 will be a great year and this year – folks will be able to track our lives via the blog ….. ahhh, that is another thing … I ‘killed’ my emerging blog 🙂

A new format will occur for 2007 .. watch for details this up-coming week.


~ by jeffgreathouse on January 1, 2007.

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