Weekend Recap

Wether it was the High Sunday School class that I taught, the morning messages that I listened to, the Sunday evening sermon that I stumbled through or our confirmation class .. it seemed like all 4 prompted a host of questions.

The weekend was a very good weekend as a family and as a church.

But, back to the questions. We all have a lot of questions about life, about families, about church, about our purpose and we are all striving to find an answer to these questions.

Sometimes, I think that we are to quick to get the answer. I think looking at the question and maybe the journey to finding the answer can be just as important as having that right answer. Also, maybe we need to be looking at why we are asking the questions that we are asking.

Speaking of questions, you should see the list of the questions that the confirmation students came up with. We asked them to write down some questions that they have regarding the church, life, and confirmation. They go across the board from very silly and humorous to very deep thought provoking questions. When we get to those sements, I will post …

Who should I get at my church to answer the following question asked by one of them: How many ceiling tiles are in the entire church ?


~ by jeffgreathouse on January 15, 2007.

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