To Read List

This is the book that has crawled to the top of my ” to read list “. The author of the book is Greg Stier. He has always intrigued me, so I look forward to this book with great interest. I am hoping to get through quite a bit of it tonight. Tonight should be a relaxing evening .. YES TO THAT !

So, what is this book all about ?? I have no real clue. Thus, I will copy the info off the back of the book from you, it has a summary of the book and Doug Fields “take” on the book.

Info: Are you looking to transform your youth ministry ? In ministry Mutiny, author Greg Stier casts a vision of success for youth leaders through the use of an engaging parable about one man’s struggle toward life-changing leadership. Follow the story of youth leader Ty as he realizes his mistake in student ministry and meets a mentor who teaches him a revolutionary way to influence teens to grow in their faith. Discover with Ty the tools you need to create and support confident Christian teens through a personalized ministry.

Doug Fields: I believe that this potentially controversial book will help youth leaders embrace the timeless truths of Scripture as immensely relevant in a postmodern culture. Some parts may make you angry, and others will make you believe that you can be more effective in reaching teenagers for Jesus. Youth ministries will be healthier if they can pull off what Greg is suggesting – a mutiny that transforms lives.

Hopefully by Monday, the book will be done and I can give my thoughts about this book.


~ by jeffgreathouse on February 22, 2007.

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