Amazing Grace

On opening night, a few of us traveled down to Carmel to see the movie Amazing Grace. I thought that the team that led the movie did a great job in the costumes, the settings and creating the story line for the movie.

Why am I posting this ….

William Wilberforce’s had this “zeal” in him. He had faith, compassion, and courage to stand up against the crowd and to make a difference. To me, even though he encompassed these three attributes, the one that stands out to me and ties all of them in is the following: PASSION

It got me thinking. What is it that I am truly passionate for and am willing to risk everything for ? What would happen if everyone who attends church caught passion to do X,Y,or Z ? What would happen if local churches grabbed ahold of a passion and would not let go ? What could we accomplish ?

For myself, it is Africa. I have had this burning in my heart for Africa since I went there on a mission trip in 2001. So, my journey over the next few months will be what am I going to do ? How am I going to fuel this passion ? What will this passion cause me to do ?

What is your passion ?

~ by jeffgreathouse on February 26, 2007.

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