Ministry Mutiny

Well, I finished the book. I started reading it Thursday evening. I read about 100 pages Thursday and then I finished off the other 60 on Friday morning. It was a very simple and easy read.

The book is set up as a fable. Ty ( young youth worker ) is ready to give up on youth ministry. He meets Tony ( veteran youth worker ) and they journey in life together for a week. Tony teaches Ty 6 principles over the week.

The information in the book was nothing new BUT that is the point. We do not have to try to think of some new principles. The plan is laid out pretty simply for us in the Bible.

Here are the 6 principles:

1. Listen for God’s Whisper
2. Get Real
3. Go Wide
4. Grow Deep
5. No More Outsourcing
6. Build on Values, Not Fads

I am tempted to say, ” here is another series that I will be doing “. I will fall into the temptation and do it. Now, I have two series on “back log” and will need to start those up soon. I promise to do this series ( Mutiny ) and the previous ( Dreams ) series this week ( start them ).

It will be good reflection time for me to look at the principles.

~ by jeffgreathouse on February 26, 2007.

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