Weekend Recap

Well this weekend was a very long and tiring weekend, but it was good.

On Friday morning, we ( church staff – 7 of us ) headed to Montgomery, Alabama. Due to numerous stops, a long lunch and B’ham traffic, we did not get there till a little after 7 ( 6 their time ). We quickly ate and then went to the first general session ( 2 hours ). The worship was blah to me but his talk was good. We then went to the Wingate to check-in and then we went to Up-The-Creek to unwind and catch our breath.

On Saturday, we had 4 sessions ( I went to 3 ). During the 4th session, I had the op to talk to the former YM from Frazier ( left last week ). So, I took that opportunity to listen to him instead of the fourth session … These were the sessions I attended:

– youth ministry ( 7 – 12 grade )
– transitional ministry ( 5 – 6 grade )
– youth worship arts ( it really was glorified youth choir )

We then went out to eat at Jim & Nick’s ( YES ! ) and then back to the church for their contemporary worship experience. After the service we went to Wing’s before retiring for the night.

On Sunday, we left a 7 am. We made much better time coming home. We got back a little after 6 pm ( we lost an hour ) and I hung around with the students – adults had everything under control. Then i went home and vegged in front of the tv.

Words from the convention to live by: Act don’t React


~ by jeffgreathouse on March 5, 2007.

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