Indiana Canine Assistant & Adolescence Network

The photo above is a picture of Jacob listening intently during a presentation that was at our church yesterday.

History on ICAAN

ICAAN, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

ICAAN was founded in Indianapolis, IN in 2001 by Sally Irvin, Ph.D. Dr. Irvin’s interest in creating connections between behaviorally at-risk individuals, animals, and persons with physical disabilities led to the initiation of this non-profit organization.

The ICAAN program began at Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, initially working with two incarcerated adolescents. Interest has grown rapidly and the program has now expanded to included offerings at three central Indiana locations. Since ICAAN’s beginning in September of 2001, ICAAN has placed 11 skilled companion or assistance dogs with children and adults in Indiana. Additionally, ICAAN has placed 17 in-home therapy dogs and has provided education and rehabilitation to over 250 at-risk youth and 68 adult offenders.

ICAAN is seeing amazing results. The pic below is a pic of Martha doing a demonstration how how she turns on / off a light.


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