Stacey Recovering

Well, she had another surgery. She had the surgery last night. She is now at home attempting to rest. She is doing a pretty good job at that at the present time. I am thankful for everyone that has asked me how she is doing. The tough aspect is not repeating the story 10-15 times today. The tough part is that I really do not know how to respond.

I think that we will know more on Monday night after we see the specialtist in Indy. right now, the surgeon did everything he could do. They are draining “the junk” out of her body. She (my wife) is a little “too much’ for them; thus the reason that they are sending her to Indy.

I am just praying that we will get some answers. If it is good news that will be great. If it is bad news, at least we will know what we are dealing with and can begin to take the steps to treat her.

Once again, thanks for the following this week:

– Individuals who watched the kids over night
– Individuals who picked up from school
– Individuals who visited the hospital
– individuals who asked how she was doing
– Individuals who covered the confirmation Retreat
– Individuals who prayed
– Individuals who are covering for stacey’s work
– Individuals who are going to cover dinner at church tomorrow



~ by jeffgreathouse on April 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Stacey Recovering”

  1. Hey J, lovin’ you and your fam. Let us know if there is anything we can do. feeling pretty useless down here in AL but we are praying…we love and miss you.

  2. Jeff-
    I know that life is hard right now.. Please if there is anything I can do let me know.. I always pray for you and stace… Thanks for all you hard work… Love ya!!

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