The picture above is a picture of NCCC. That church building no longer exists but the church and the people of the church do exist. To me, it is an amazing church. From a church growth expert opinion, they would not label it as such. But it is. It is a church that cares about its members, communities and world. They do great things for those who are hurting.

They have helped me out with numerous things over the years. They sent me to England/Wales in 1990 cor a convention and a mission trip. In 1995/6, they gave us a discount on an apt. over the garage of the parsonage while I was in graduate school. They gave me a genrous donation in 2001 when I went to Africa and they are helping again.

The mission team is sending us money ( generous amount ) to help us with our medical expense. They also are going to do a fundraiser and the proceeds will be to help us buy prescription meds for Stacey.

To The church – THANK-YOU


~ by jeffgreathouse on April 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Thank-You”

  1. Praying that you will get the answers you need!! I will see you Weds. around 430ish to talk … Have a blessed day… love you and your family tons

  2. I love it when the church lives like the church. That’s the kind of beautiful Bride Jesus hopes to find. Here’s hoping we all learn to be like that -this opinionated redhead included.

  3. very good post big brother you discribed the church there failed to mentioned that they are also a sending church and have sent many out to minster and have prepared those people well including yourself to be true servants of God.

  4. Yes, my little bro. I did not mention the aspect of how many went into ministry.

    The number of individuals who went into the ministry there was truly amazing.

    Thanks for the comment.

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