Last night

I did not have an opportunity to write a post last night, so I wanted to do it tonight. I needed last night, it was good for my soul. I am glad that my father-in-law was here to be with Stace and that she was understanding enough to let me make it a reality.

We, the student ministry, went to a concert last night at a local coffee house. The mocha was decent, not great. But, I loved sitting at a table with 6 individuals from the church and listening to very good music while fellowshipping with them. Bread of Stone did a few worship songs and that was very nice.

The attendance was ‘low’ but I enjoyed the night. It is a shame that a local coffee house is trying to connect individuals and only about 50 individuals from the community come out and support it. I am not sure how many people know about it though. Wabash Ave may not be a hot spot though for the Lafayette crowd. But, I appreciate their effort. If you are from here, go check them out: SG Coffee House

I think we may go there once or twice a month.


~ by jeffgreathouse on April 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Last night”

  1. dude… i know how you feel…love the brief time at Glory Revealed with David Nassar, Mac Powell, shane and shane, dude from starfield… hey i have been trying to reach you by phone…do i have your correct nbr? love ya!

  2. I loved that place! I mean…I only went for coffee, but I really liked it!

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