$ 73.25

$ 73.25 is what it cost to fill the van up last night and that was with 87 octane.

Here is a little bit of a story from CNN:

Gasoline prices hit a record high for the fourth straight day Wednesday, according to AAA, and more records could be on the way. The motorist group said the average price for a gallon of self-serve unleaded gasoline rose to $3.103 in its latest reading, which is based on a daily survey of purchases at up to 85,000 gas stations. That’s up from Tuesday’s record of $3.087 a gallon. Prices are now up 2.3 percent in just the last week and 8.6 percent over the last month.

For us, it was $ 3.29 yesterday. I really wish gas was a little cheaper .. ugh


~ by jeffgreathouse on May 16, 2007.

6 Responses to “$ 73.25”

  1. UGH!! It’s $3.09 here … at least this morning it was …

  2. There is one station heading toward Purdue across the street from the XXX Root Beer place. They have a habit of changing their prices every few hours. One time we took the kids to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. When I left for the church it was one price, another when we left for the trip and yet another when we came back!

    Ugh! Don’t go there!

  3. I usually hit one of two gas stations. The church to house route is about 1.5 miles and there are two stations .. so which ever is cheaper, I hit.

    WL is about 10 minutes … not over there too much .. sometimes with staff .. but I am usually riding …

    Now you got me thinking about Wabash Landing & Food though …

  4. The cheapest here this week is $1.15 a liter. That means it’s $4.31 a gallon. It’s pretty much been that way this entire year. Don’t even get me started…..

  5. I LOVE Wabash Landing! It wasn’t quite as “big” as it is now. When I left they had just started on the Borders and all the “expansion” stuff. I was amazed when I saw it three years ago.

    I am looking forward to heading out there in July! Even though it is in July!

  6. You will love the new WB Landing

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