Weekend Recap

I have not done a weekend recap for awhile, so I decided that I would take a few moments and drop down a few things about this past weekend:

On Friday, we picked up the boys from school and I finished a few things off at the office for Sunday and then we headed off to DACC for my mothers-in-law college graduation. That was cool and reminded me that I hated the fact that I did not walk at my WJU graduation. The speakers message was pretty simple: Dream Big & Don’t Give Up .. nice words. We then went out to eat at Monical’s Pizza. Service was not desireable, but the pepperoni pizza was good and the salad was excellent.

On Saturday, I drove back to Lafayette to let Bowzer out and then I went back to Illinois. We went out to lunch and I had a HUGE buffalo chicken salad. It was then time to get back to Lafayette. We had an individual that gave us Papa Murphey’s .. wow.

On Sunday, we had confirmation Sunday ( I will put a pic up later today / tomorrow ) and that went well. We then had our end-of-the-year party. I can not believe the ministry year is over.

Overall, it was a good weekend.


~ by jeffgreathouse on May 21, 2007.

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