Small Groups

This fall, the high school ministry is going to be going into the small group format. I am excited to see where this will take the high school ministry at CUMC.

We have had different formats of small groups, discussion groups or …. in the past. However, this fall, it will be more structured and I think that this will be a fantastic stepping stone for the ministry.

We are going to launch with 3 groups. Each group will meet in host homes and each group will have an adult leader ( different than the host family ). We will be using a set curriculum for them. The series goes in a 6-week cycle. Thus, at the end of 6-weeks, the groups will come together for a celebration night. They will share what is going on in the groups.

It is my dream and aspiration that these groups will truly begin to do life together. These groups will not just meet for the 90 mins on Sunday. They will get together for fellowship events, service projects, go to each other events .. truly do live together.

The adults ( host home leaders and sg facilitators ) are a great group of individual and I am sure that their investment in the life of the students will have a huge impact.


~ by jeffgreathouse on May 23, 2007.

One Response to “Small Groups”

  1. Wow, that sounds great! I hope it works out how you’re envisioning it.

    I wanted to try small groups this year, but our group is already small, and I am apparently not gifted in recruiting adult volunteers. Since everyone I asked said no.

    Very exciting for your group though! I’m sure it will bless your youth in many ways!

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