I Got Caught !

Yup, I got caught. The bad thing about it is that I am not one that usually breaks the law. I am very cautions of driving the speed limit and making sure that I do not chance getting pulled over. Well, I was not cautious enough today.

We were heading down to southside Indy today for Stacey doctor appointment and I decided to go straight through the city – instead of using the by-pass. If we are going over to Mooresville, I take I-465. So, we are driving to the city, I see the city in the horizon. We just passed the by-pass split.

I see these two motorcyles on the side of the road and a guy is walking out into the interstate as I am traveling 67 MPH. The cruise is set. Yes, I knopw that I am going two over. This guy then points to the side of the road while standing in the mid of the interstate.

It registers, it is a police officer and he is pulling us to the side. I think we are “cool” because all over the place we are hearing about them checking for seatbelts and we have them on. I knew I was in trouble when ….

He said, “sir, do you know how fast you were going”. I looked at him and said, “I thought I was going 67; that is what the cruise was set on.” He said, ‘close, we clocked you at 69. do you know what the speed limit is?”

My thought was obviously not. I do not think you would be pulling me over for 4 mph. I answered, “no sir”. He said the speed limit was 55 mph. He asked for my license and returned within a few minutes.

He brought me back my license and a ticket for $ 150. Ouch. I will watch closer for change of spped signs and I will be watching next time I travel down there to see how close they were over the 55 mph line .. it could have not been much.

The real bummer … Stacey’s appointment was NOT on the southside so we should have not even been on I-65.


~ by jeffgreathouse on May 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “I Got Caught !”

  1. Ah crap! I hate it when cops “snipe” from the side of the road.

    Big time bummer!

  2. Oh crud!

    I got a speeding ticket a couple of years ago …same thing. I thought I was 2 miles over ..and the speed limit was 5 miles under what I thought I was … putting me 7 miles over … and I got pulled over for it. He said he clocked me going 51, but he’d give me ticket for going what I thought I was going. yeah huh. I was going 47.

    I hate it when that happens!

  3. I know exactly where you are talking about… The speed limit changes and if you aren’t truly looking for it, you are driving 70 in a 55 being none the wiser.

    Sneaky sneaky…

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