We Arrived

We are now in our new home. We arrived around 4 pm on Saturday to about 15 people in our front yard ready to unload the van. There had been a crew there earlier in the day cleaning and sprucing the house up a bit.

The carpet was in and all but one room was painting. that should / will be done tomorrow.

Everything that was on the truck is in the house. The beds are up and the furniture is in the right rooms. Tonight after youth group, i am going to move all the boxes that are in the correct rooms – downstairs and we will bring up a box or two at a time. This way the house will look more like a house and we can have it “de-cluttered” and start positioning the furniture and placing the items on the wall.

Later this week, I will post more about the weekend, the move, the first youth group and what is still left to do.

Thanks for Christ UMC for packing us up on Friday and thanks a bunch for Zion getting us unpacked, setting everything up and going and doing all the misc. things that needed to be done. You made the transition day, very nice.


~ by jeffgreathouse on July 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “We Arrived”

  1. happy that you’ve arrived safely, and transition is going well. Hugs and prayers for your family

  2. Just communicated with Lynn West, Financial Secretary @ Zion, and she told me what to do.

    Anonymous in Bham

  3. I am glad that you made it!! We hope to come visit you soon… love ya

  4. Welcome to your new home!!! I’m so happy for all of you.

  5. Ang:

    I will pass the hugs around.


    I am glad you made the contact – thanks a bunch. I knew she would be helpful.


    You guys are always welcome


    Thanks a lot. We are so glad to being able to “setlle” in.

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