Way TOO Much

Well, the second van load is unpacked and sitting in the basement and the garage. Let me just say, we have “way too much” stuff.

From an American standpoint, we might not have that much and what we have is not “showy”. But compared to the worlds standards .. we have tons and thus, we have way too much stuff.

Why is it that we ( america ) in general keep accumulating ?


~ by jeffgreathouse on July 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Way TOO Much”

  1. you are dead to me with the age comment…and who do you think you are trying to be…Crowder…no way man. give up the billy goat chin dude…..

  2. the billy goat is gone – i have a nicely trimmed beard now … HOWEVER, in the move .. I can not find the beard trimmer … so ….

    sorry about the age comment 🙂

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