Look For The Moment

I am not sure what made me choose this photo. It has been awhile since I have put a photo with a general post; I use to put a pic with each post to represent the post. I think that I chose it because of the innocence and the kids playing and living “care-free”.

Now to the post ….

I really think that we miss the point or at least lose focus too many times in ministry. We are comparing ministry of this week to ministry of last week. We look at external factors for gratifications ( numbers, peoples expressions, how we felt, etc … ).

We also at times are quick to label a day, a lesson or a week as a failure because it did not meet “our standard”. What I think that we need to do is look for the moment. We need to listen, we need to “tune” into people and “seize the moment” that is given to us and to them and use it to minister as Christ would minister.

I am not putting this down as I want but this is going to be my prayer: God, in the business of live, please let me tune into people so I can hear the moment and take the opportunity to share live and God with them.

The opportunities may come at odd times, times of the least expected and we need to be prepared. We can not and should not expect for the moments to always come at “our teaching time”


~ by jeffgreathouse on July 10, 2007.

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  1. For sure.

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