Christ UMC: Big Stuf ’07

Alrightee !!!!

Here it is. The Big Stuf pics to the theme song> It is not exactly what I was “shooting” for BUT I think it is a very good memory maker. Thanks for the trip !!

Thanks Trev for the suggestions. Next time, I will try the next format to see about the quality.


~ by jeffgreathouse on July 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Christ UMC: Big Stuf ’07”

  1. what a great video. seeing the kids have so It also makes me a little sad knowing I will be moving on soon but you know how that feels leaving them behind at least I will still be close.

  2. I get it now. Duh. I get why you endured with grace and Christ-likeness the unbelieveable skubala that the SPRC dudes and others involved threw at you. I get it. Each child – each soul – on that video needs to hear and know that Jesus loves them more than anything else in the world. You worked your tail off to provide that for them, even though you guys got hurt in the process. I get it now. Wow. Thanks.

    ~Sara Orange

  3. Kent:

    It makes me tear up a little as well. You will have to tell me what your schedule will look like over there.


    They (students) are the reason. I love them greatly and to see God touch their lives and them having fun while being with 1500 students and each other while worshipping God is truly priceless and the song … very appropriate ( grace )

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