Cross America … Again

Well some more bills and insurance news came across the mailbox this week. I just kinda laughed because there is not much else to do.

Our new bills from the 3rd surgery in Indiana (not all of them) came in and here are the numbers thus far. The total amount is $6,204.05. The insurance paid a whopping $507.

No, THAT IS NOT A MIS-PRINT. We are responsible for $ 5,697.05.

So, the running totals for the 3 surgeries with all bills not in are the following:

Bills: $ 24,097.54

The Insurance Paid: $ 2,507


That is almost 90 / 10 COVERAGE …. HOWEVER in the wrong direction.

(sarcastic voice) Thanks for the coverage


~ by jeffgreathouse on July 27, 2007.

6 Responses to “Cross America … Again”

  1. maybe the name should be “Double Cross America”

  2. and that $ 21,590.54 is 21,000+ reasons why we had to make a move …

  3. so when are you gonna get zion to set up the fund to send money to?????? hmmmm… did i miss that post?

  4. and that may be 21,000 reason why they will have difficulty getting someone to stay more that 1-2 years

  5. Maybe you can do like the people in AL do and agree to pay $25 a month. As long as you agree to pay something, I don’t think they can do anything….or, in cases like this many people find it necessary to go bankrupt. Or, send the bills to the previous church. You will be hearing from us again in a few days. We think of you often and have tried to put ourselves in your shoes and in doing so we felt we must help in some small way because you need it and we need to do it because we have been so blessed to have good insurance.

    By the way, I haven’t read anything that tells us how Stacy is doing.

    Anonymous in Bham

  6. We have had no luck with the hospital backing off and being nice on paying X a month yet.

    I am going to send a letter this time stating, we will pay X a month and send a check for that – so we can show we are oing what we can.

    We have found that the credit agencies seems to be pretty nice in setting up payments when they are meds … we will see.

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