The Mask ….

Emerging Grace did a FANTASTIC blog on this past Friday. If you have time, take a look at her posters that she created. It may help to look at the posters that she was responding to. I always enjoy her posts and these posters were fantastic. Here is one of them ….

I have “preached” being authentic within our ministries and have cast it as part of our vision and the poster above is a great example. She also gave a “hit” to where she made them. I am going to have to try my luck and see about placing them in the youth room … if they meet a purpose.

~ by jeffgreathouse on July 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Mask ….”

  1. Heart of Lace
    by Peggikaye Eagler

    The mask that I wear,
    Hides a wall of tears.
    The smile shines bright,
    Hiding shadows of fears.

    You ask me, I’m fine,
    But my heart cries in pain.
    You hear my laughter,
    Not the whispers of shame.

    What I show my friends,
    Is not what’s inside.
    What is shown to the world,
    Covers well what I hide.

    The mask seems so thick,
    It’s glued to my face.
    The clothing of stability,
    Covers a heart of torn lace.

    Just how to unmask,
    My coverings of show.
    Just how to trust,
    Is something I don’t know.

    Will I ever attain
    Who I long to be?
    If I’m hiding behind
    A person who is not me?

    © Peggikaye Eagler, Friday Fellowship, publication date, December 2006.

  2. Thanks for sharing part of the book.

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