Update on Stacey

I have been asked by a few individuals on how Stacey is doing, so here is a little update on her progress.

When she had her surgery, she was hoping that another seton was not going to be necessary. But, alas, it was and not in her most desireable location.

However, she bounced back from the surgery very nicely and probably pushed herself a little too hard even though she is doing great (a little fatigued at times).

She bounced back so well that she found herself “at home” in the kitchen helping with the VBS meal. She is a real tropper.

Her next appointment is on the 14th. It can not be moved. They have squeazed her in to make this happen with the GI and the surgeon. The small problem came into play because we have a staff retreat on that day.

Within 5 minutes though of Stacey calling and letting me know that the appointment must be made … a few phone calls, office visit at church was made and we had people watching / picking up kids and someone to go to the hospital with Stacey.

The church people are being sooooooo helpful as we navigate these choppy waters. It is so fantastic to have a supporting congregation around us.

Thus, we will know a lot more on the 14th. We may find out what the next steps will be, we may get her on a treatment plan and we may begin the aggressive medication (humira). Whatever the steps are, I know these things (yuck, that sounded like Glen Beck):

1. The hospial system she is in his AWESOME
2. We have a church who is in our corner
3. We have GREAT insurance where we can rest with ease

Thanks for all the concerns, the prayers and the financial gifts to the church as they pass them out to us for medical bills from the Indiana insurance fiasco.


~ by jeffgreathouse on July 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “Update on Stacey”

  1. I’m so glad, and thankful that things are working out!!

    Don had his follow up with the pulmo doc today. The doc that had first seen him in ICU saw him in the hallway and about fell over. He knew that Don had pulled through, but he’d not ever seen Don before he got sick, so to see him up and walking was a shock. (all be it happy shock)

    Such a far far cry from where we both were a couple months ago ..eh, brother?

  2. Thank you for posting an update on Stacey. She is a beautiful human being who has been so kind, gracious, and loving. She lent her knowledge to me with the power of email and blogger in what I thought were some of my darkest days. She gave me hope, knowlege and light when things were so dark. I continue to keep your family in my prayers.

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