Oh, What a Difference ….

…… a few months makes and having insurance that will actually benefit my family.

Stacey’s med bills came in from her recent trips to the Cleveland Clinic. The total bill was $ 12,521.57. What we owe is $ 622.00

This amount is sooooo much more manageable than the previous insurance. It is so nice being able to go to one of the best hospitals in the world and know that we will receive the ultimate care and we do not have much financial worry because of insurance that will cover the procedures that need to be covered.

This now though makes me wrestle with “injustice”.

I am so greatful to have health insurance and live in an area of the world where at our finger tips, we can call any specialtist that we need and with a very leisurely drive; we can get the best health coverage the world may have to offer. A few months ago; that was not the case. We did not have the insurance, our doctors would good but not great and I think we did not receive the “true care” we needed because we did not have insurance.

Is it fair ?

What does God think about our society and our world and how there is such a disparity in care that individuals can and do receive ?

I am just thinking out loud. There is some reading and research that I want to do before I begin to tackle those questions. But for the time being, I am just thankful for the stage of life we are at where we have health insurance and have the specialist that will help my wife get better.

Details on my wife, isaiah and bethany coming soon. Each one of them was up at the Clinic this week.


~ by jeffgreathouse on August 17, 2007.

4 Responses to “Oh, What a Difference ….”

  1. O yes…yes…
    I would suggest you see Sicko…very informative.
    I am greatful that things are looking up for you. We are heading out here in a little bit and will see you tonight.
    Love you…
    Mom and Dad Osborne

  2. wow, what a relief! So glad you are all getting the care you need, both from the doctors and the church (in the form of decent insurance, among other things).

    I can’t even imagine what my bills will be like after surgery without insurance, I’m pretty scared, but I’m more scared about what would happen if I don’t have the surgery…

  3. God is sooo good! He is still in the business of answering prayers!!!

    God bless you all.

    Anonymous in Bham

  4. hey! love reading you and your lovely’s blogs. miss you guys more than you know. hey here is some fun news..there is a movement a foot to get a specific senior pastor removed from a church you know…

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