Time With The Family

Today ws a great day. We, the family, spent the whole day together doing various activities and did it very leisurly.

We woke up in the morning nd had donughts. We lounched around the house. The kids played some computer games, I read the paper and we just vegged for an hour or so.

We then walked downtown to the square for the famer’s market and picked up some nice items. I grabbed me some plumbs which I am enjoying.

We then gathered around for lunch and then it was 45-minutes of quiet time and nap time. After nap / rest tim; we went to the sprayground and the pool. We were out and about for about 3 hours.

Bethany took off all floating devices and hit the pool and swam and went under water … very sweet. Too bad it occured on the last day the pool opened.

hen we got home, mom did dinner prep and Bethany and Jacob hung around the house as I took Isaiah to the skate park. After about 30 minutes we went home.

We had dinner, house clean up, baths .. etc. We then had dessert, hour of tv and then bed time.

What a great day and it was noce to just relax.


~ by jeffgreathouse on August 26, 2007.

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