Out of the Depths

Over the last week, I have reading some words from a “new theologigan”. Okay, she would not consider herself one and most people in the world would scream in protest to even suggest it.

The individual: Sinead O’ Connor. Yes, the musician, the one who has caused a few uproars in her life. She has a new album out called “Theology”. Very appropriate, right ?

Here are the words of one of her songs:

Out of the Depths

Out of the depths I cry to you oh lord
Don’t let my cries for mercy be ignored
If you keep account of sins oh who would stand?
But you have forgiveness in your hands

And I’ve heard religion say you’re to be feared
But I don’t buy into everything I hear
And it seems to me you’re hostage to those rules
That were made by religion and not by you

And I’m wondering will u ever get yourself free
Is it bad to think you might like help from me?
Is there anything my little heart can do
To help religion share us with you?

For oh you’re like a ghost in your own home
Nobody hears you crying all alone
Oh you are the one true really voiceless one
They have their backs turned to you for worship of gold and stone

And to see you prisoner oh makes me weep
Nobody hears you screaming in the streets
And it’s sad but true how the old saying goes
If God lived on earth people would break his windows

I long for you as watchmen long for the end of night


I have also been reading some interviews with her and here is a quote that made me think and ponder for a little awhile:

I usually find forgiveness easy because I have so much to be forgiven of. That kind of thing teaches you compassion.

Of course, we could get very controversal and talk about the song that she has team up about the current war … I am not sure if some of you are ready for that one ..

~ by jeffgreathouse on September 17, 2007.

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