Out of the Dog House

Folk just got me out of the dog house. The words of Romo after their shocking win over Buffalo. Now, they were suppose to win – that was not the shock. The shock was in the comeback and the obstacles they overcome. Here is a snipit from yahoo …

Tony Romo is nothing if not resilient. And because he didn’t let four interceptions in the first half, two returned for touchdowns, destroy his night, the Dallas Cowboys pulled off a stunning comeback victory.

The Cowboys scored nine points in the final 20 seconds Monday night, with Nick Folk’s 53-yard field goal as time expired giving them an improbable 25-24 win over the Buffalo Bills.

Romo, after being intercepted five times and also losing a fumble, drove Dallas (5-0) 80 yards and hit Patrick Crayton with a 4-yard TD pass with 20 seconds remaining. The 2-point conversion try failed when Jabari Greer stripped Terrell Owens of the ball in the end zone.

But Nathan Jones recovered the onside kick and after two completions, Folk nailed his fourth field goal, shocking the sellout crowd that came to celebrate the first Monday night home game for Buffalo (1-4) in 13 years.

What a finish to a game.

Romo had 6 turnovers.

Bills returned 2 of the TO’s for TD’s

Bills returned a KO for a TD

But the Cowboys win … W O W

I made a comment on Dale’s blog. I HATE (despise) the Cowboys. Well, I should say, I have for 35 years. With Wade coaching, TO as the WR, Romo has the QB and Ware on Defense .. I root for them … Now, if they get to the SB and face my Steelers … F O R G E T A B O U T I T … Steelers, take it to the house on them.

~ by jeffgreathouse on October 9, 2007.

5 Responses to “Out of the Dog House”

  1. I forgive you…;)

  2. I appreciate it. I will root for you and them to go to the SB.

    I will even root for them in the SB …. IF my Steelers don’t make it 🙂

  3. That would be a great, classic rematch! Memories of the days of Staubach vs. Bradshaw!

  4. I loved the 70’s …. I remember when they came back and won 35-31 and the celebration that I had. I will have to tell you the story sometime “off-record”

  5. I’ll look forward to that! I think that I accidentally deleted your two comments. I deleted them from my e-mail before approving them and apparently that wipes them out! Sorry!

    Any predictions about this Sunday vs the Patriots? I predict a close game. If they can somehow take Brady out of his game and keep him from making a lot of completions then I see a W!

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