Rice & Rutgers BEAT University of South Florida

PISCATAWAY, NJ – OCTOBER 18: DT Allen Cray #94 of South Florida Bulls and LB Tyrone McKenzie #27 take down RB Ray Rice #27 of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in the first half of a game between the South Florida Bulls and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Rutgers Stadium October 18, 2007 in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Rice got taken down a lot in the game but he had many carries and a lot of yards. Rutgers came to play and they won. They have to give credit to their special teams for their win. They had a fake fg for a TD and a great fake punt.

It was very odd. I was not sure who I was rooting for. In a sense, I wanted USF to win the game. They were #2 in the nation, beat WVU and are part of the Big East; so I wanted them to REPRESENT. However, I also wanted them to lose so WVU may move up in the national ranking and more importantly still have a shot at the Big East title and have the op to play in a BCS game.

The Bulls (6-1, 1-1) had their eight-game winning streak come to an end, no doubt to the delight of Boston College, LSU, Oklahoma and the rest of the teams hoping to grab the second spot in the BCS standings USF held this week.

Matt Grothe threw for 247 yards and a touchdown and ran for 58 yards, but Rutgers’ defense swarmed South Florida’s multitalented quarterback in the second half and sacked him seven times in the game.

Let’s go WVU. Oooohhhhhh, speaking of NCAAF, I am going to the horseshoe on Sunday and getting throwin into Big Ten football. Ohio State plays Michigan State. I am looking forward to being at the game with 100,000 other people.

~ by jeffgreathouse on October 19, 2007.

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